Boy Goliath​/​Liam Kingsley Split EP

by Liam Kingsley

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A collaboration between Boy Goliath and Liam Kingsley of Dad Culture Records, written and recorded over the course of Fall 2014 (except Notes for 2:30 which was written in the Spring).

Cassettes will be released through Dad Culture Records in early 2015, which you may acquire here:

Infinite thanks to Dad Culture Records!!!!


released December 25, 2014

Released by Dad Culture Records
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Mike Bruns of Dad Culture Records
Album Art by Alison Benincase

"Anthropology," "Fettering," and "Holding" by Liam Kingsley
"Claw the Carpet," "I should've stayed home," and "Smother" by Boy Goliath
"Notes from 2:30" by Boy Goliath & Liam Kingsley



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Track Name: Anthropology
You're cute
and I'm sad,
so the odds of me talking to you are low.
When you speak
I feel bad
thinking of all the parts of you I'll never know,

or maybe not so,

but tonight I'll just stare at my phone
while you stand in that corner,
content and alone.

Or maybe I'll just let it go
and walk through this dense crowd of bros,
and ask you what it's like to study

I guess we'll just have to see.
Track Name: Boy Goliath - Claw the Carpet
You broke down last night
I asked if I could come over
You said you're better off alone
I, I can tell that you're tired
and I guess
I should be going home

Things don't feel like they used to
but I promise I still love you

I know I should hang up
before I crack my voice
but company is something
I'm not giving you the choice of
Come over, claw the carpet,
run your fingers down the wall
Let frustrations be frustrations
but never forget to call

I know you're feeling alone
and you know I've been there too
but you have always been there for me
so let me be there for you
Track Name: Fettering
I'm feeling simple
and I'm feeling that simple is not what you want form me.
I get the sensation I'm taking a test and forgot how to read.
My answers were long and stilted with tenses that disagree.
You disagree.

I'm feeling mild.
I'm feeling dismayed and afraid of everyone I meet.
Check my phone, avert my eyes back to my feet.
The spark was quite small, but ignited a fire inside of me.
Today I forgot to eat,

You're feeling unhappy.
You're feeling alone and distracted by everyday normalcy.
Your broken big toe a reminder of fettered anxiety.
Shift the weight to your left, gain to losing of symmetry.
You guess you'll just see.

You don't like my choices.
You don't like my mind, its disorganized, outpouring apathy.
I'm sorry I always forget to tread thoughtfully.
I'm sorry I usually frustrate the plans you make privately.
Well, I wish you would share them with me.

That's just not who I want to be.
That's just not who I want to be.
That's just not who I want to be.
Track Name: Boy Goliath - I should've stayed home
I hope that you quit smoking
before you're 21
cause I can hear it rattle
round your lungs
I hope that I quit hoping
on things that won't come true
cause I keep hoping I'll talk to you

You hope that I might disappear
for just a couple days
cause I keep invading your space
I think that you don't know it
but you know I'm not alright
I called you five times last night

We hoped for something better
but better never came
I hope you don't mind
I can't wait
but I'll see you twice a week
for an hour of two
and I'll still hope that I can
talk to you
Track Name: Holding
I wished away your sorry gaze.
It stayed the same.
I kissed your face,
forgot my name:
rewind, erase.
And you remember me
when I was seventeen and half asleep.
A dream of entropy,
of swinging power lines from tree to tree,
and you:
the light between.

a transit theme;
a patched up seam;
a place to sleep.
and Love:
just shared belief,
some naked feet,
and brittle teeth.
And I’m afraid to see
how terrified you’ll be when I can’t stop the bleed
I hold beneath
with empty, broken parts that never heal or clean
inside of me.

I watched the way
I made mistakes
and never changed.
You stayed the day
and wrote my name
back on my face.
I’ll remember you,
the space between our skins dispends and never moves.
Track Name: Boy Goliath - Smother
Don't worry
I've got some company
on their way over
My shallow speech
is just a symptom of a cough
that I've been getting over

I'll walk this strew
and feel that my feet
are slowly getting slower
We'll both meet
in the middle of cat litter
just to talk things over

I didn't know
that you felt so cold
That;s why you steal half the covers
I'll let you but I won't let you feel smothered
So I'll move out the way
for another
but don't ask me
cause I'll tell you how I loved her
Track Name: Boy Goliath & Liam Kingsley - Notes for 2:30
It's 2:30 in the morning on a Wednesday night,
and the setting settled in while we swapped horrors from our lives:
the fucked up shit we grew up with that made us feel alright.
Yea, let's talk about our exes, trading sex for feeling fine.
And the pills we might have swallowed or forgotten yesterday
are lost amidst the futon, the black holes, and pillow spread.
We're both fucked up and we know it, and we know that it's okay,
so screw the grand design. I'm not aligned, and I'll never be that way.

don't care
what I did
last year.
And I
don't care.

You're falling from the bedside and I'm falling in the ground,
beneath the pines, the frozen soil, and the ice in dirtied mounds.
And in those moments where I realize there's no other place to go
I shove my fingers down my throat to purge my sick into the snow.
But you said to me that you once had these pills inside you, too,
and of the red tracks that would follow as you blindly staggered through.
How can we wake up every morning while we feel the way we do?
I'm not sure, but I'm awake now and just sitting here with you.

And I
don't care
how I got here.
And I
don't care.

And some nights it's just dreams of the proper way to grip a knife,
but it's 2:30 in the morning and I think we'll be alright.