by Liam Kingsley

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for Arby

Cassettes will be released through Dad Culture Records in early 2015, which you may acquire here:


released January 13, 2015

Music & Lyrics by Liam Kingsley
All Voices, Instruments, & Sounds performed by Liam Kingsley
Mixed & Mastered by Mike Bruns of Dad Culture Records
Album Art by Liam Kingsley
Released by Dad Culture Records

Thanks to my parents for being incredible (and also for supplying me with recording equipment), to Eddie Maurer for helping me to record "Named Light" & "Washer" and loaning me his acoustic guitar, to Juan Espinosa for loaning me his classical guitar, to Mike Bruns for mixing it for me, and to Dad Culture Records for being absolutely wonderful and giving me the opportunity to release music this way.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Head
Head sky
in the shape of the day.
Pressed in white
at its drifting in place.

Stuttered, spied,
where your eyes
disconnect from your face,

But could you shoulder the weight of my name?
It's hard enough for me to do the same.

So could you just stay?

But could you shoulder the weight of my name?
It's hard enough for me to do the same.
Track Name: Named Light
Hold my hand sign,
let it dry.
Bark taste, long drives
Bedsheets ask why
and we just sigh.

Washed my bed-sty
late last night.
Let go, grip tight
for all time.

I will say goodnight,
and I will not pretend to know what's right.
Track Name: Washer
Washed hands,
take mine.
Wonder where they've been and why
skin dried,
left scars for lines.

Tied hands.
mouth wide.
Tuck your skin inside of mine.
Just try
to land between your shame and spine.
It's alright.

We both died
a hundred times,
and the skin that reproduced stayed white
and wouldn't hide,
so we cover and try to try,
and I turn to you and ask you why,
and you say "It used to hurt but now I'm fine.
I think I'm fine."
Track Name: Watching You Watching GTA V
watching video games.
limply in your space
that I invade.

in and out of daydreams.
time around your face.
The time is ours to waste.

And I wrote this song for a girl,
and I'll leave this couch at the end of the world.